JQuery Simple Message Dialog Plugin

Sometimes, when working with JavaScript, we need to write a confirm dialog or message box to display some informative data. We can either use JavaScript alert function or confirm function for such operations. But in order to make a nice UI, we can resort to JQuery UI dialog, which gives a nice chrome window. But settings that up is not a one liner task. In this article, I will present a small plugin which will help us display some basic dialog just to get the job done without too much code. Read More.. http://www.codeproject.com/KB/applications/JQueryMessageBoxPlugin.aspx


One thought on “JQuery Simple Message Dialog Plugin

  1. As height can be set ‘auto’, it would be convenient if the plugin could decide the width based on its contents(and conditional show/hide contents if any) rather hardcoding it. Passing the width as a parameter/option to the plugin would make better sense as I don’t want to write different functions for different dialogs, I would prefer a generic plugin for all dialogs.
    However in older versions of jquery ui(dialog), there used to be an option called ‘autoResize’, but it had some cross browser glitches so they took it out I guess(unwanted scrollbar issues and such).

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