Manage your sales force with OpenERP CRM

Ensuring robust sales plays a central role in growing any business. But just as much as it is key to your business success, it is a very complex endeavor which ties up the tasks of sales team management, planning and analysis, marketing and communications, and customer relationship management. OpenERP CRM allows you to do all of these efficiently and integrate them with all of your business functions.

The Customer & Supplier Relationship Management module is part of the OpenERP software with the following key features:

  • Trace Leads and Opportunities
  • Outlook and Thunderbird Plugins
  • Get Realtime Statistics
  • Acquire Leads
  • Plan Meetings & Phonecalls
  • Follow Quotes & Sales Order
  • Run Marketing Campaigns
  • BeMobile

OpenERP CRM allows you to perform essential sales team management activities such as organization, assignment, task delegation, project management, and communication. It gives you and your sales team tools to plan and perform tasks in an organized and efficient manner. For example, if you have particular tasks to complete a certain project, you can assign these tasks to your salesmen who can then be able to see the tasks assigned to each of them, complete with timing and context.

OpenERP CRM allows all pertinent users—suppliers, customers, salespeople to be notified or receive correspondence when they need it. The CRM module also allows you to integrate your e-mail client with OpenERP so that supplier or customer emails, orders, or contact details will automatically be assimilated in your system.

Managing your sales force, among others, is more efficient and thus more guaranteed to produce results for your business, with OpenERP CRM.  In addition, you’ll find out that you can acquire leads, convert leads to partners, keep track of business opportunities, run marketing campaigns with more precision, and all-in-all keep all functions in the loop with your core business activity.

Learn more about their products and additional services please contact us at or better call us at +880 2 9352641. We, Binary Quest Limited, are the certified OpenERP partner in Bangladesh providing all types customization and implementation support.

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