E-Books and the Future

If you love to read then walking into a bookstore, browsing aisle after aisle of books, holding a new find in your hands and eagerly waiting to get home so that you can crack it open, must be a few of the most pleasurable moments of your life. But this experience is going through a big change and soon the experience of reading may be radically changed!

Digital content – especially e-books – are changing the way we read. You must have seen and read some e-books by now so you can relate to the anxiety that surrounds the mind of many book lovers. There are some burning questions in the minds of book lovers like us such as: are e-books (and other digital content) going to replace printed books? Is it just a fad?


Are E-books Really that Great?

E-books may not entirely replace printed books but they will probably become the predominant mode of delivery for books. Amazon.com reported that the sale of e-books has surpassed the sale of printed books in its store. Setting nostalgia aside, e-books have certain characteristics that perfectly complement our wired lifestyles including:

  • Portability – Digital content like e-books allow us to carry-around a tremendous amount of information on pocket devices
  • Easy reading & sharing – It makes it much easier to read, make notes, sort information and on top of all, share through social media
  • Multimedia – E-books make it easy to integrate multiple forms of media into the book such as audio and video; making it interactive

If you get into the habit of reading e-books, the next time you move your house, you wouldn’t have to cringe at the thought of packing and carrying dozens of cartons filled with books.

What the Future Holds?

The way things are in the publishing industry, it seems that within the next 20 years, e-books may practically replace printed books. According to a report on the Wall Street Journal, people who use kindle (Amazon’s e-reader), bought more books after buying the device. Borders, one of the largest book store chain in the US is considering bankruptcy. If you are a business owner, you may want to explore the opportunity of advertising through e-books by having apps developed and embedding them into e-books and other forms of digital content.

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