OpenERP to help grow your business

Enterprise Resource Planning systems are crucial to any business as it encompasses both primary and secondary activities of the value chain—inbound and outbound logistics, operations, marketing, sales, human resource management, finance, and information technology—and ensures all internal and external information are managed efficiently and made available to entities needing them, whether these are any of the functional departments, or external stakeholders such as suppliers. ERP aims to integrate all of the systems of the business to achieve centralization and efficiency.

OpenERP believes every company, no matter what size, should be able to grow its business with these tools. True to this, it offers an online and a local version of the software, both containing business applications for accounting, for managing human resources, purchases, inventories, sales, etc. at a more affordable cost than expensive counterparts like SAP. Small enterprises can have access to the integrated management system online and then shift to software installation as the business grows.   Furthermore, its Open Source Business Model allows their product to fulfill its objective while engaging users and developers to continuously improve it.

Learn more about their products and additional services please contact us at or better call us at +880 2 9352641. We, Binary Quest Limited, are the certified OpenERP partner in Bangladesh providing all types customization and implementation support.