Mobile Apps for Logistics Companies

It’s a known fact that in the last few years Smartphones and tablets have received tremendous popularity. Smartphones, in particular, are used more like little portable computers than mobile phones. Unlike before, this gives people and companies a great opportunity to access information at any given moment. These little devices have changed the way people shop and the way companies conduct businesses.

Mobile Apps for Logistics Companies

Mobile Apps Mean Increased Convenience and Productivity

No matter which sector you look at, you will notice that these devices are useful and there are plenty of mobile apps available that make work faster and easier. Logistic companies can undoubtedly take advantage of smartphones and tablets because different types of mobile apps can be developed that will allow both consumers and logistics companies to get more work done in less time.

Apps for Consumers

When people deal with logistics companies, the main thing they want is to be able to track their package to ensure it will arrive in a timely manner. A mobile app will enable your customers to keep track of their parcels. Since they will receive real time updates, they will feel at ease.

Apps for Companies

Shipping and logistics companies can easily increase productivity and streamline their internal processes by using mobile apps. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that logistics companies can enjoy through mobile apps:

  • You can access shipping information at any given moment no matter where you are without having to speak to a middleman
  • You can enhance productivity by accessing mobile supply chain tools whenever you like
  • You will be able to help your esteemed clients from any location
  • You will have the ability to make real-time decisions
  • Mobile apps offer real-time supply chain management

In simple words…Logistics companies must take advantage of mobile apps to meet their customers’ demands and streamline their own internal processes.

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Smartphones are Creating Business Opportunities that didn’t Exist Before

Smartphones have become a lot more than just shiny toys; they have become the communication device of choice in our wired lives. According to an estimate, there were over one billion Smartphone in use at the end of 2012 and this number is expected to double within the next three years.

What are People doing on their Smartphones?

Ever wonder what people really use their smartphones for? The European telecom company O2 breaks it down for us:

Function %age
Taking photographs 74%
Making phone calls 71%
Text messaging 69%
Surfing the internet 69%
Alarm clock 64%
Email 52%
As a watch 50%
Using it as an address book 50%
Using social networks 49%
Use it as a diary 39%
Music 39%
Playing games 38%
Watching TV/films 22%
Reading books 13%

“Smartphones are now being used like a digital ‘Swiss Army Knife’, replacing possessions like watches, cameras, books and even laptops. While we’re seeing no let-up in the number of calls customers make or the amount of time they spend speaking on their phones, their phone now plays a far greater role in all aspects of their lives,”

said David Johnson, General Manager Devices for O2, UK.


Why are smartphones important for business?

If you are a business owner, you should know that according to a survey commissioned by Google,

  • 53% of smartphone users actually make a purchase after performing a search and gathering information;
  • 24% make recommendations based on the information gathered;
  • 79% use their phone to help them with shopping;
  • 70% use their phone even when they are in a store;
  • 35% make purchases directly from their phone, without stepping into a store;

Now, the question is how can a business owner benefit from this information? Two words: mobile apps!

Smartphone users use mobile apps to perform different functions. So, having mobile apps developed that are related to your business might be one of the best investments you can make.

Mobile Apps Can Help Boost Your Business’ Productivity!

According to an estimate by the International Telecommunications Union, about 87% of the world’s population has a mobile subscription. This is where mobile apps come into the picture because more and more people are using them to perform all sorts of business functions and online purchasing without having to sit on a desk. Research from Google Insights shows that 88% of the people using mobile apps for business take action. If you are a business owner/manager, then you should seriously consider using mobile apps for your business.

How Mobile App help Business

You might be wondering whether mobile apps really help businesses improve productivity or is this just another one of those technology fads. Well, this finding from an Aberdeen survey might convince you:

“Survey data taken from 240 enterprises suggest that [overall], the use of mobile apps designed specifically to help employees get their work done, increased productivity by 45%. Further, the data reveals that operational efficiency rises almost as much (44%) when enterprise apps are made available.”

Mobile App

You can use mobile apps in several ways to increase your business efficiency and productivity:

  • To access and manage your business data on-the-go;
  • To Increase and improve contact with customers;
  • Perform routine functions like preparing invoices, purchase orders and reports;
  • Manage your business calendar;
  • Your field sales force can access your CRM to get relevant information, make decisions and close deals quickly and instantly;
  • To easily perform inventory management from off-site locations;
  • To manage workflows and easily prepare and share routine reports with management;
  • All your desktop applications can be made available on your mobile so you can conduct business from anywhere at any time;
  • In the US alone, the use of mobile apps by businesses saves 725.3 million hours annually, which translates into an estimated saving of $17.6 billion. Wouldn’t you want to have your share of this saving?

The Aberdeen report mentioned above also highlights the top three ways in which mobile applications are helping businesses:

  • Improve communication and collaboration among team members (66%)
  • Rapidly deliver actionable information to the point of decision (48%)
  • Use mobile software to increase customer intimacy (42%)”

So, how about having a mobile app developed for your business?

A closer look at Social Media Marketing

What is Social Marketing?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the marketing strategy used to exploit the potential of web 2.0. Businesses use platforms and tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube to engage with their target audiences and communicate their messages. What makes it really powerful is the engagement of the target audiences to create a web of communications that distills the marketing messages of businesses and makes buying recommendations on the basis of user input and peer feedback. Interacting with users through social platforms adds real value to a brand’s message.

Social Media Marketing
Some of the Benefits of SMM

  • Word-of-Mouth: Word-of-mouth advertising is one of the best marketing tools out there because of the inherent high trust factor. SMM is the best way to generate word-of-mouth around a brand.
  • Low-cost promotion: SMM helps in driving traffic to your website at a far lower cost than traditional marketing.
  • Precise targeting of the audience: By using SMM you can deliver your marketing message much more precisely.
  • Inbound links: Inbound links to a website generated through ‘sharing’ on social media sites, bookmarking and commenting can be very valuable because it can improve search engine ranking. Social media sites are a very useful resource for generating such links.
  • User communities: Creating and maintaining customer loyalty is one of the primary targets of businesses. Social media platforms are a great place for generating user communities and have passionate customers become your brand ambassadors.
  • Customer relationship: It allows businesses to actively and closely engage with customers and build a fruitful lasting relationship
  • Increased reach: It can dramatically increase the reach of your business if performed correctly.

Mobile Apps and SMM

People are increasingly using handheld mobile devices to engage with social media platforms. Mobile applications have become one of the primary tools for conducting almost our business and personal activities online. Whether you want to use Facebook, Google, Instagram or another popular social media tool, chances are there’s already a mobile app for it. Furthermore, no business can overlook the importance of mobile apps for marketing themselves on social media platforms.
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The Latest Trends In Mobile Apps Are Going To Revolutionize The Mobile Industry


Mobile Apps are gaining fast recognition for the ease of use, simplicity of design and value of utilization. The Apps function in mobiles has now become a separately recognized entity in itself, rather than a humble extrapolation of online technological capabilities.


The investors and stock holders is anticipated to be attracted to this particular industry because of the potentially unlimited applications that can be run using the computer and the telecommunication capacities of the modern cell phone. The Smartphone as we call it now, is going to have a unique platform through which technological innovation and user satisfaction will thrive.

Mobile App


The first trend in the mobile Apps will be the facility of location dependant service. Location based Apps and services is likely to become very popular, because the user will be provided with an option to access the digital services, facilities and functionalities; and it will be based on the real time location, situation and personal verifications of user (gender, age and personal preference). This would definitely make for a more intelligent and efficient experience. Social networking is the next best trend on the mobile Apps. Facebook and Twitter, the popular social networks have already made their website compatible for Smartphone and mobile viewing.


The social networking software and App that will provide add-ons services like email, messaging, audio/video chat and games will be a huge boon for the social networking as well as the mobile industry. The mobile Visual analysis is a relatively new field of App that is being introduced on the mobile. The ability to compare online dinner offers, hotel reservation costs, insurance policy costs and so many other services, will hold tremendous advantages for users helping them to make streamlined decisions and cut down on costs. This App will be attracting a lot of non-technology savvy people who are more inclined to practicality than the aesthetics of its function.


Conducting commerce on the mobile will also become a possibility. The fact that a user can be virtually present in a store in form of a digital signature, to check in or prove his attendance is simply an ideal facility. So is the ability to add items of shopping to a pay cart by simply uploading their pictures as a form of barcode; both will be made possible through the Apps for mobile commerce.

Future utilities

These were the major Apps, but what about the other Apps that is sure to be virally spread in popularity? The concept of close range communication payment would become basically the highest in demand use of a mobile, offering functioning as an ATM or a credit card. Although the possibility of mainstreaming this App will appear in a while, their security implications still need to be worked out. Object recognition is another latest Apps trend that will be implemented. This App will allow the user to recognize and replicate the user specifications based on the recognition of a location, place or objects in the environment.


Apps that make use of mobile Instant Messaging are anticipated to join the main stream by 2015. Mobile email is yet another one of these attractive trends that will be universally applicable to all mobile phone in the next year or so. So, the mobile App trend can be said as a fast rising wave that will engulf all who take to its seamless application into general society.